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What Level Does Pikachu Evolve ??? [[ Solved ]]

What Level Does Pikachu Evolve

Pikachus do not need a certain level to evolve they just need a thunderstone

This can be bought in the town with the big mart (name slips my mind) one of the levels sells all the stones so just buy a thunder stone and use it on the little guy .



pikachu Evolution to raichu

Pikachu Evolution to raichu


Sorry but Pikachu doesn’t evolve by level. You have to use the thunderstone on him to evolve him to Raichu. Be careful though! In Pokemon X, you can only find 2 thunderstones! You can get pokemon off the GTS holding the thunderstone though.

Infact Pikachu doesnt evolve by leveling. U need a thunder stone. U can buy one at the Celadon City shopping mall 4th or 5th floor. However, i recommend getting Pikachu thunder at lvl 41 before u evolve it.


Pikachu EVOLVING into Raichu in Pokemon GO

                                                       1st Step : Download This App (Pikachu Evolve)

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                                                              2nd Step :  Watch This Video As a Proof

You have to give him/her a thunderstone to evovle. Some pokemon also need stones to evolve like vulpix into ninetales,evee into vaporeon/jolteon/flareon.



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